Product Lines

iRealm is currently offering three product lines, TouchImpress and Architect. While they all share many of the technical innovations, Touch and Impress offer clean modern minimalist designs, and Architect offers a greater degree of personalization of contrasting colors and materials.



Breaking the mold.

Touch is an innovative electrical switch with unmatched form and function in its class. Beyond its exquisite look, it offers advanced technical features and a enjoyable user experience.

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You are in control.

Impress offers you effortless local and remote control. Impress  supports all of the features available in Touch, and additionally offers its set of advantageous features including wireless connectivity, timer scheduling and nightlight.

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A personal statement.

Architect offers the features of Impress in highly customizable luxurious form.

Architect comes in a variety base colors and wide selection of luxurious touch covers. Mix and match to create your own unique statement.

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Next Steps...

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