Breaking the Mold

For decades the electrical switch's form and function have been restricted by an outdated cover plate. No more!


Innovative Design

iRealm developed a unique patent-pendding switch offering the largest touch-sensitive pad available. The result is a one of a kind user friendly modern representation.


Operational Clarity

The side panel presents the status icons and the light strip provides instant user operational feedback. The panel goes automatically to sleep if the switch is not in use.


Intuitive Operation

Trivial user touch gestures on the touchpad operate the controlled light, fan, motor or electrical outlet, and also lock and unlock the switch operations.

Let There Be Light

Built-in lights offer soft and bright lights to help show the path when needed most, after dark, in the case of an emergency, or the loss of power. 

Remote Control

A smart devices is as smart as its application. iRealm provides a sophisticated mobile application for the iOS and Android systems offering full control over the switch.

Art On Display

A variety of elegant switch designs and colors offered to satisfy the most demanding tastes and settings including the minimalist, the retro, and even the racing enthusiast.

iREALM Architect Smart Switch

Standard Installation

The switch is designed for easy installation in standard electrical junction boxes and adheres to the US building codes. A neutral wire is required for installation.

Feature Rich

The iRealm switch packs out-of-the-box more features  than any other on the market, yet it doesn't include anything unnecessary, just what you need when you need it.


Touch is an innovative electrical switch with unmatched form and function in its class. Beyond its exquisite look, it offers advanced technical features and a enjoyable user experience.

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Impress offers effortless local and remote control, and wireless connectivity. Use the mobile application to configure and program Impress features that include the nightlight and timer scheduling.

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Architect is a highly customizable luxurious smart switch. Architect comes in a variety base colors and wide selection of luxurious touch covers. Mix and match to create your own unique statement.

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